Railway Pics


CFL 3600 series




3603 at Differdange  20-NOV-2004
3612 at Oberkorn 17-MAY-2004
3608 at Belval  08-JUN-2004
3611 at the Pétange station  22-FEB-2003
3611 at the Pétange station  02-AUG-2003
3618 on the viaduct of Esch-sur-Alzette  04-SEP-2002
3608 at Oberkorn  10-JUL-2003
3602 at the level crossing Avenue Charlotte at Differdange 20-JUN-2003
3610 with passenger train at Differdange  16-JUN-2003
3808 at Oberkorn  03-MAY-2003
3618 at Belval/Redange station 14-AUG-2001
3608 with freight train passing at Belvaux/Soleuvre station 28-AUG-2001
3618 near the Black Bridge at Oberkorn 25-JAN-2003
3611 with freight train rushing through Oberkorn passenger halt 06-APR-2002
3609 between Oberkorn and Differdange 29-MAR-2002
3603 waiting for its departure at Differdange reloading point  30-JUN-2001
3603 rushing through Differdange central passenger halt  25-JUL-2001
3617 with non-laminated steel freight between Belvaux and Oberkorn 16-OCT-2001
3605 in Niederkorn  23-AUG-2002
3617 with passenger train at Oberkorn station  13-AUG-2001
3620 and 3604 shunt-off at the Hollerich station 12-JUL-2002
3612 with Wegmann coaches on the viaduct of Pulvermühl in Luxembourg 28-AUG-2002
3612 with Wegmann coaches entering the Hollerich station 12-JUL-2002



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