Railway Pics


S N C B at and around Luxembourg

1301and 2 other 1300 series  with freight train at Pétange  19-SEP-2004

1316 with freight train at Pétange  18-SEP-2004

6237 at Bettembourg  17-APR-2004

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1304 at Belval  18-APR-2003



Two modified Belgian Nohab diesel engines passing Oberkorn station 04-AUG-2001



5316 with 5318 at the level crossing in Charlotte avenue in Differdange 13-JUN-2002



A couple of belgian electric engines near Hollerich station  12-JUL-2002


1335 with 1348 at the Belvaux-Soleuvre station  28-DEC-2002



Belgian shunting locomotive at the Athus (B) station


1350 with parent locomotive at Differdange  24-JAN-2003


1315 with 1324 at Differdange  27-SEP-2003


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